1 METRE Hot Melt Iron on Glue Film Adhesive Fusible Sheet Patches Applique Craft


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1 METRE x 20cm (8 inches) wide
If ordering multiple lengths it will be sent in a continuous length(May be folded for posting if a small quantity is ordered) 
Hot Melt Iron on Glue Film Adhesive Fusible Sheet 
For applying Patches, Bonding fabrics, Machine Applique, Quilting & many other Crafts
Prewash all materials
Set your iron to a medium heat (no steam)
The crucial bit:Make sure that the paper backing is on the top – I speak from bitter experience having spent a happy time scraping the film from the sole plate of my iron and digging it out of the steam holes – this is NOT recommended!(You can lift a corner of the backing to check before you commit to iron)
Place the film over the wrong side (back) of your project/patch
Place and hold your iron over the area for a couple of seconds at a time until the area has bonded and allow it to cool
Now you can cut and shape ready for the next stage
Peel off the paper backing and place your bonded fabric/patch in the required position on top of your project
Place and hold your iron for about 5 seconds on each section until it has fully bonded and allow to cool
Works best on light to medium weight fabrics
Medium weight -1.2 microns

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