Iron on Fusible Volume Fleece Stabiliser Wadding – 1 metre wide – High Loft (½")


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Iron on Fusible Volume Fleece Stabiliser Wadding
HIGH Loft – approx. ½” thick
1m wide
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This fleece requires minimal hot iron application
I recommend a dummy run on some scrap fabric to test how hot to set your iron as they all behave differently, fabrics vary so much in thickness and you need to have enough heat to activate the glue but not too much heat that will kill the loft. I have found that it is not necessary to use steam but you can if you wish.
For this fleece, in the samples that I have shown I used the iron on the cotton setting
Place the loft glue side up and lay the fabric on top, then spritz the fabric with water, then move the iron over the surface – DO NOT APPLY PRESSURE – just move the  iron around enough to melt the glue.
By applying too much pressure you can kill the loft
I now do it this way so that I do not get the fleece stuck to the sole plate of my iron as it is a nightmare to remove!
You may find using a teflon ironing sheet handy if you want to avoid the above mentioned scenario but it will take longer to melt the glue
I have shown the fleece ironed on to a calico fabric and also a linen type fabric
Any questions, please ask

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